Super burner biotech funziona

super burner biotech funziona

This paper presents an introduction to the field of nanofinishing with abrasives. This is an unconventional technology, a very effective method in terms of ecological process known as the Strength Abrasives Process AFM. Equipment designed by ICTCM is an universal machine tool, which is composed by two cylinders, in order to extrude the abrasive environment through passages crossing channels and finishing areas and edges. There is also a system of control of process parameters, parameters such as temperature, super burner biotech funziona, flow rate of abrasive environment, etc.

The abrasive environment is a great importance reopectic medium, for the obtaining of an efficient nanofinishing technology.

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That one has two main components: a viscous fluid, which contains several components such as lubricants, anti-corrosive agents and emulsions, and an abrasive substance.

The nature, the viscosity, particle sizes and concentration of abrasive material are essential for super burner biotech funziona final result of technology.

super burner biotech funziona

The mixture of all these chemicals and materials allow a broader range of compositions of abrasive material. Many tests have already been prepared at the laboratory, using safe materials and ecological ones and preliminary results are very promising.

In the first part of the paper is submitted the process of friction welding, the specific technological parameters and their usual values, which are published in the literature.

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There are detailed the constructive characteristics of specific equipments of FSW technology, for the series production and for tests prosecution, produced by international specialized companies. In the second part of the paper are presented the results obtained from the implementation and operational and technological testing, considering the cynematic and dynamic parameters of the process.

The end of the paper presents the conclusions reffering on the construction and on the equipment working conditions, as well as on the process of welding FSW.

super burner biotech funziona